10 Reasons Why It’s Worth Staging Your Home

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If you’re in the market to sell your home, you’ve likely run into the term staging. Maybe your realtor has brought it up, or maybe you’ve seen the term online. While you may be ready to be out of your old home (maybe you’ve already purchased your new home), it is worth taking the time to stage the interior design of your home to sell. While you may be worried about the expense and time, it is more than worth the effort you put into staging.

What Is Staging?

Staging is the term used to describe the act of setting up a home for showing. Staged rooms will have furniture and light decorations that help establish the function and beauty of the space. Sometimes staging can include small renovations, like replacing faucets or cabinet hardware.

How Much Does Staging Cost?

The cost will depend on what you already have for staging and what you put into it. If you hire a professional, they can provide you with a price based on the number of rooms and overall square footage of your home. While you can DIY staging with care, hiring a professional is best. Remember, a potential buyer may see your home differently than you do. Bringing in a professional stager means having a fresh perspective to help sell your home.

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Ten Benefits of Staging Your Home

While staging your home will require an investment of time or money from you, the benefits far outweigh what you put into it. Staging your home,

  • Helps your home stand out among online listings. You can upload and feature beautiful and inviting photographs on listings by staging your home.
  • Makes your home feel aspirational. Staging your home helps to inspire the buyer’s imagination. You want your home to resonate and create an emotional connection with potential buyers.
  • Helps people visualize the potential of your home. It’s not always easy to look at an empty room and picture how you can design it. By staging, you help potential buyers see a room’s potential. This means it,
  • Inspires buyers to overlook flaws. Do you worry that the age of your home will deter future buyers? Maybe you have minor flaws that you can’t afford to repair, but they don’t impact the home’s livability. Staging your home will help potential buyers overlook them or see the value in making the investment to repair the flaws.
  • Shows how to utilize extra rooms or unusual floor plans. Do you have oddly shaped rooms? Maybe you have smaller, additional rooms whose utility can be hard to recognize. Staging your home helps you demonstrate how these unique features fit a home and can help future buyers fall in love with them.
  • Easily pays for itself as you recoup the costs when you sell. While staging your home requires an investment, especially if you wisely go with a professional stager, you will quickly recoup the cost of staging when you sell the house.
  • Increases the selling price of your home beyond recouping your staging costs. Not only will you recoup your staging costs, but you’ll also get a higher selling price than if you hadn’t staged at all.
  • Helps your home sell faster. Because staging makes your home more attractive both in online and live showings, so you will sell your home faster, which helps keep your listing from going down due to staying on the market too long.
  • Allows you (and your agent) to relax, knowing that you’ve put in every effort to sell your home. Staging also helps your agent show your home, as much of the storytelling your agent would do when giving tours is done with your staging.

Let Romi Designs Help You Stage Your Home

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