Custom Closets in Boca Raton: 6 Custom Designs that Will Make Your Closet Sizzle

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It’s just a closet, right? From playing pretend as children to storing our clothes and knick-knacks as adults, our closets have never been “just closets.” Unfortunately, they can be easily overlooked, or worse under-designed, when planning home improvements or renovations. So, let’s look at some of the hottest designs for custom closets in Boca Raton that we’ve found so far this year.

Warming Up the Space

Nothing says luxury like dark, bold tones. Replacing your white shelves with dark-stained or painted wood adds a sense of style that will leave your wardrobe feeling like it just walked off the runway. You can enhance the look by giving the closet walls a touch-up of a light, neutral color paint and add more style with brass or white hardware for any drawers or cabinets that you add to your walk-in closet space.

Open Your Closet with Glass

Glass cabinets aren’t just for fine China. Open up a smaller closet space with glass cabinet doors and space-smart organizers. You can even take a page from our first find by adding in dark wood tones to contrast the glass. Meanwhile, under-shelf lighting brightens the space and makes it easier to find and match colors in your wardrobe.

Let There Be Light!

Speaking of light, don’t underdo your closet lighting. Avoid the shadows that can make your closet feel closed in and make it difficult to sort through clothes and accessories. An even white light in the top center of the closet is a good start. You should also consider LED lights over your hanging clothes and under shelves, especially in split-closet designs. If you’re worried about the cost of rewiring your closet, consider LED light strips with a long battery life.

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Maximize Your Space

If you think your closet is fine with a couple of shelves and hanging rods, think again. Organize, organize, organize! Add drawer and shelving units to help organize your accessories and jewelry. Diving your hanging space so that you can keep seasonal clothes together. Importantly, don’t let space go to waste. Let your drawers, cabinets, and shelves go from floor to ceiling to give you additional storage space (especially if you have a smaller closet or a lot you need to store).

Make Space for Yourself

If you have a large walk-in closet, add a small storage bench for blankets and bedding, then top it with a comfortable cushion and throw pillows. You have the making for a cozy reading nook or just a place to get away from the hustle and have space to yourself for a little while.

Ditch the Bags for Climate Control

Instead of keeping special-occasion dresses in bags (which can leave them smelling musty), install a sealed cabinet in your closet to keep them safe from dust and moisture. Consider a glass door for the cabinet instead of wood for that extra touch and to let the beauty of your finer clothing add to your closet space.

Have We Inspired You to Create Your Custom Closet in Boca Raton?

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