Beautiful Home Interiors in Boca Raton: How to Pick the Right Interior Designer

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Choosing the right interior designer for your home renovation can turn a great house into your dream home. You want to ensure that you find a designer who will match your lifestyle and aesthetic. Let’s help you choose the right designer for your home interior renovation.

Decide If You Need an Interior Designer or Interior Decorator

While both an interior decorator and interior designer work to add beauty to your home, they each have different specializations.

  • An interior decorator provides advice and work to complete fully constructed spaces. They can help you select wallpaper, paint, furniture, lighting, and other accessories to bring a room to life.
  • An interior designer provides assistance with both decorating and structural design of a room. In addition to the specialties of a decorator, a designer can also provide guidance during the construction process for designing or redesigning the room itself.

Interior designers and interior decorators also differ in their education and credentials. They often have a degree in interior design and may even be accredited through the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) or the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications (NCIDQ). Because interior decorators don’t require specific degrees or certifications, though they will still seek courses to develop their skills.

If you’re needs include redesigning the construction of a room, then you’ll want to ensure that you have an interior designer as part of your team. They’ll be able to review plans and specifications to ensure that the design will meet your aesthetic goals.

How to Find the Right Interior Designer for Your Project

Knowing that you need an interior designer for your project is only the first step. You want to ensure you choose the right designer, whose style and vision will match with your lifestyle goals and what you want for your new home or renovation. To look for an expert designer,

  • Browse magazines and websites like Southern Living and interior design topics on Pinterest and look for the designer credited on home interiors that you like
  • Visit model homes and home shows in your area and look for the designer for homes you like
  • Ask your builder or architect for referrals
  • Look for designers through professional organizations like the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID)
  • Ask friends and family for referrals

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Working with an Interior Designer

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to one or two potential designers, it’s important to talk to them and ensure they’ll be right for your home interior design. When you interview your potential designers,

  • Be upfront about your budget. Most designers will work with a wide-range of budgets, but if you’re not upfront (and realistic) about what you can afford, both of you will just get frustrated later.
  • Find out what design services they offer to ensure they’ll meet your design needs.
  • Ask how much client involvement they want or accept in the design process.
  • Ask how they’ll communicate with you and your other contractors.
  • Talk to them about their design styles and inspirations to make sure your aesthetic matches.
  • Determine if they have other employees or partners that you’ll be working with.
  • Talk to them about previous projects and ask how they handled mistakes, complaints, or other difficulties.
  • Ask for references.

Talking to References

It’s not enough to ask for references from a potential designer. Follow up by contacting references. Ask them questions about your chosen designer(s) including,

  • What did they like about working with the designer?
  • Did they feel like the designer considered their wants and needs?
  • Did the designer keep the project within budget?
  • Were there unanticipated issues and how did the designer handle them?
  • Did the designer (or their team) answer questions and concerns?
  • Were they happy with the designer and the overall process?
  • Did the project meet or exceed their expectations?

Do You Have a Home Interior Design Project in Boca Raton?

Romi Designs offers interior design solutions in Boca Raton, FL. Whether you’re selling your home or looking to turn your house into your dream home, we have the professionals to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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