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If you’re looking for something stylish, clean, and cool in the Boca Raton heat, then modern interior design is just what you need for your home remodel. From sleek lines to contemporary color palettes, modern design has much to offer your home. Let’s look at what modern interior design is and how we at Romi Designs can inspire you.

What Is Modern Design?

Modern design is often referred to as contemporary design, but the two are distinct. The confusion usually comes from the word “modern”, as we tend to use modern to refer to contemporary things in everyday life. Modern cars and modern computers, for example, are just the types of computers and cars being driven now – they’re contemporary.

In art and design, however, modern and contemporary are two different things. Contemporary design just refers to the current trends at the moment. It’s not a school of thought but an observation. Modern design, on the other hand, is different. Emerging in the early twentieth century, modern design is a minimalist approach to aesthetics. It prioritizes clean lines, natural materials, and natural light. We can trace the movement’s roots to the German Bauhaus school, which sought to merge fine art with function.

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The Elements of Modern Design

We talked about the priorities of modern design in sleek lines and natural materials. Let’s dig a little deeper into the elements that define modern.

  • Clean lines – Modern interior design utilizes clean, straight-sight lines to help direct visual movement in a room, open up tight spaces, and bring together wide areas.
  • Minimal decor – Decor follows the clean aesthetic established by the use of sight lines. Ornamentation doesn’t block or obstruct, and clutter is removed.
  • Monochromatic, neutral tones – Bright, contrasting colors tend to draw attention to elements rather than to the whole design. Modern design uses neutral, monochromatic colors that help unify a space.
  • Open design – Modern design favors open floor plans, where function (namely furniture) determines spaces rather than walls. For example, an open concept living space where the living room, dining room, and kitchen share the same open area, with the furniture delineating the rooms, is a modern design concept.
  • Low and long furniture – Modern design tends to situate furniture lower to the ground. Since furniture helps to define open-concept spaces, pieces tend to be longer compared to other design aesthetics.
  • Natural materials – Natural appearance is an important part of modern design. While this includes unpainted wood, glass, and leather, it also incorporates the more industrial feel of steel and concrete as well as the futuristic appearances of plastic and chrome.

How Romi Designs Incorporates Modern Interior Design in Boca Raton

South Florida is an ideal place for modern interior designs. The cool, open spaces are perfect for escaping the heat. Meanwhile, the clutter-free layouts are easy to keep clean and allow for easy movement between indoors and outdoors (they also make it easier to clear away sand that gets tracked in from an afternoon at the beach!).

South Florida is also known for the personality of its residents. We take that into account as we bring a modern touch to your interior home design. From color palette to materials, we put something of our clients into the design so that your home feels like an extension of you.

Are You Looking for Modern Interior Design in Boca Raton, Fl?

Romi Designs offers interior design solutions in Boca Raton, FL. Whether you’re selling your home or looking for a custom closet, we have the professionals to meet your needs. Contact us today.

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