About the Company

Romi Designs is a Philadelphia-based company offering services to homeowners. Whether you have recently purchased a home or are looking to upgrade a home you’ve lived in for years, Romi Designs can help you create the interior of your DREAMS! We believe in creating a home that is not only beautiful and aesthetically pleasing but also portrays your personality as well as your specific request and needs. We can transform everything from the floors to the ceilings with custom kitchen design and cabinets, bedroom interior design, living space redesign, and even custom closets or organization, depending on what works for you and your family. While most companies play it safe with simple decor, we take it one step further by incorporating fun colors and modern accents into our designs. Sometimes, spicing it up makes all the difference!

Now offering interior Design in Boca Raton, FL


Romina is a very creative person, so keeping up with fashion trends and decorating came naturally and her work beamed with passion. After taking the reigns in freely designing her own home on her terms, she realized that this is a business she could prosper in. Her husband is a developer in the Philadelphia area and frequently hired stagers to help sell his properties quicker, which inspired Romina to open an interior design company of her own. Now, Romi Designs is taking over the interior design market in the Philadelphia area with its unique and modern designs.