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Romi Designs is a Philadelphia-based company offering services to homeowners, real estate agents, and developers. In the growing and competitive real estate market, it is important to stand out and lead with authenticity. Staging plays an essential role in making a property more appealing to the potential buyer because staring at an empty room is boring! We believe creating a visual for the client helps them see the property’s potential, which in turn, can help the property sell faster. While most companies play it safe with simple decor, we take it one step further by incorporating fun colors and modern accents into our designs. Sometimes, spicing it up makes all the difference!

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With real estate being a rapidly growing, competitive market, a set of empty rooms is not going to inspire the sales that you are hoping for. You are going to need something exciting; something that will help you stand out from the crowd. If you are a real estate agent, developer, or a homeowner looking to make your property more visually appealing, contact Romi Designs to get the job done.

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Home staging is a necessary component of selling any property, from small apartments to two story homes. While most of our competitors prefer to use quick, simple decor, we strive to make every home a delight to behold, with modern accents and fun colors adding a touch of needed personality. We will tackle rooms and living spaces of any kind, from floors to ceilings, kitchens to bathrooms, and even outdoor spaces. The benefits of carefully-crafted real estate staging are statistically proven. On average, homes will sell for 6% higher than the asking price, and will spend 73% less time on the market. A full 8 out of 10 buyers say that the find it easier to see a property as their future home when home staging is used. If you are not looking to sell, don’t worry! We also offer more conventional interior design services, allowing anyone to turn their house into a palace.

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Our company is based out of Philadelphia, but we also offer our services across Bucks and Montgomery Counties. Whether you are a real estate agent looking to sell a property, or a homeowner seeking to create their dream home, do not delay in achieving an inspiring, exciting, new, indoor motif.

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