Outdoor Staging Ideas to Sell Your House

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When you’re selling your home, proper staging can make the difference between a big offer and waiting for buyers. Staging the outdoors is just as important as how you set up rooms indoors. Your yard creates the first impression and sets the stage for what potential buyers can expect inside. Unfortunately, many people selling their homes don’t always have a lot of extra money to spend on staging. Here are some outdoor staging ideas you can use that won’t require a lot of money. 

Clean Windows, Patios, and Walkways

One of the most important things you can do in your outdoor staging is clean. Your windows, siding, and shutters build up dirt over time. So do patios and walkways. A power washer is best if it is within your budget. However, a garden hose and a little elbow grease will do wonders as well to remove dirt and give the outside of your home a welcoming look. 

Clean Windows, Patios, and Walkways

Add Warmth to Outdoor Areas

If you have a porch or patio, you probably have outdoor furniture. Freshen up old chairs or outdoor tables with a fresh coat of paint and wash seating to give it a fresh, clean look. An outdoor rug will add warmth and definition to the space without breaking your staging budget. 

Upgrade Your Green Spaces

Keeping your lawn mowed is an important part of outdoor staging. You can spruce up your yard with flowers and other plants as well, without spending a lot of money. Add flowers along your walkway. Add planters to the corners of your porch or next to your doors with ferns or flowers. For narrow front porches, consider hanging flowers or ferns to add green without taking up space. 

Add Light

Light is one of the most underappreciated outdoor staging tools. Adding a little light to your outdoor areas can add décor and utility and make your home look inviting. Solar-powered lamps are inexpensive and can line your driveway and walkway. Outdoor string lights can liven up a small front porch. For a back patio, accentuate corners with outdoor standing lamps or torches. 

Outdoor Staging Ideas

Accessorize The Outdoors

An inexpensive outdoor bistro set can make a simple porch look interesting and inviting. Outdoor pillows make patio furnishings look comfortable and can add color or texture to plain designs. A small shelf can hold additional plants or other simple outdoor decorations to liven the area (just keep the decorations sparse to avoid clutter). 

Home Improvement with Style

Whether you’re selling your house or upgrading your rooms, our experts can help you design the perfect home. Browse our gallery for ideas and contact us to set up an appointment.

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