3 Weekend Projects to Transform Your Home

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You want to upgrade your home, but you don’t want to spend a lot of time (or money) doing it. Wouldn’t it be great if you could transform your home with a snap of your fingers? Well, we can’t offer you a literal snap solution, but we do have three-weekend projects that will give your home a beautiful makeover. 

Weekend 1: A Kitchen Makeover

You don’t have to rebuild your kitchen to give it a makeover and add value to your home. In fact, you’re more likely to recoup your investment if you only do a minor kitchen makeover. Our weekend kitchen remodel includes, 

  • Updating your cabinet/drawer hardware
  • Add a backsplash above your sink and behind your stove
  • Painting your walls a neutral color
  • Repair any minor damage to cabinets or drawers
  • Update your light fixture

For your weekend kitchen remodel, you’ll want to ensure you have the replacement hardware for your cabinet, ladder, primer and paint for your walls, your new backsplash, and needed hardware. 

Weekend 2: Makeover Your Front Lawn

A gardening project is a perfect opportunity to get you and your family outside and add some beauty and curb appeal to your home. For a lawn makeover, we suggest power washing your driveway and walkway, adding flowerbeds and walkway lights, mowing your lawn, and pruning bushes to encourage even growth. 

Where should you add flowerbeds? A narrow flowerbed along your walkway and a wider flowerbed at the base of your porch is always a nice touch. Border the flowerbeds with brick or stone to help retain soil and moisture. If you have a bald spot on your lawn, you could turn it into a flowerbed as well. 

For your lawn makeover, make sure you own or rent a power washer, get potting soil, bricks or stone, solar lanterns, seasonal flowers and shrubs, gardening sheers, shovel and spade, mulch, and your lawnmower and edger. 

Weekend 3: Transform Your Livingroom/Den

You want a living room or den that you can relax in and invites your family and friends to gather. You can give your living room a makeover and you don’t even have to replace your furniture. 

Our weekend living room makeover includes, 

  • Steam cleaning your carpet
  • Laying down an area rug
  • Painting your walls with a neutral color
  • Adding new throw pillows to your couch
  • Adding a throw blanket to your chair(s)

Your living room makeover requires planning ahead. Begin the weekend with a rented steam cleaner and give your carpet a thorough cleaning. If you have hardwood floors, give your floor a thorough washing, and apply wood-floor polish. 

After you finish cleaning the carpets, lay plastic around your walls so that you can paint without getting paint on your floors. The plastic will allow you to preserve your freshly cleaned carpet and give you a walking area, so your feet avoid the drying carpet. 

Once your carpet is dry, bring in your new area rug and arrange your furniture around it to help create your living space. Then add your new pillows and throw blankets to add some new color and texture to your living room.

Are You Ready for a Larger Home Makeover?

Once you finish your weekend projects, let our professionals help you give your home a full makeover. Browse our gallery for ideas and contact us to set up an appointment.

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