Top 8 Interior Design Trends for 2022

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Our homes have evolved a great deal over the past couple of years. The pandemic drove us indoors thanks to mandatory and voluntary lockdowns. Working from home moved from ideal to every day for more people than ever before. Unsurprisingly, we’ve seen changes in design trends for our homes. From those changes, here are the top 8 interior design trends for 2022.

Green Is Good

Maybe it is a product of the quarantine and the pandemic, but we are bringing the outdoors to the indoors in 2022. One of the side effects of this is a renewed interest in green. From paint to upholstery, green has started dominating color in rich and beautiful ways this year. We’re also bringing green into our homes with more plants, living and artificial, as well as the accompanying deep browns and light beiges of natural wood.

Eco-Friendly Homes

Color is not the only place we’re looking at green for our homes. As the climate crisis looms ever larger in the public consciousness, people are looking for more sustainable ways to decorate. For many homes, this means looking for locally sourced woods and sustainable materials that are friendly to the environment. 

Love the Curves

Sharp angles are beginning to fade from many of our interior design choices. As we’ve been locked into our homes for work and entertainment, we’ve been looking for ways to make them feel more comfortable. This has translated into curves returning to chairs and couches. Rounded tables are making a larger comeback. We’re even adding curves to our interior architecture with rounded arches.  

Something Old and Something New

We’re seeing a blending of old and new decorations in the home, bringing together generations of aesthetics, as people inherit older pieces or look for them in antique markets. Antiques, however, are not the only furnishing being repurposed in homes. Whether they’re needing to save money or are looking for eco-friendly ways to shop, more people are looking for second-hand furniture. 

A Dramatic Flare 

Black has a strong presence this year as an accent in all rooms of the house. The depth of the color adds sophistication to any room that is hard to resist. Metallic hardware has also seen a resurgence with black, adding to the modern, clean look. 

Clean, Open, and Less Cluttered

Another byproduct of the pandemic has been a desire to declutter. Our living spaces are becoming more open. Furnishing that creates style and storage is popular as we look for ways to keep all the little things from getting underfoot. This desire goes into every room in the house, but most especially the kitchen, where storage is king to keep the countertops clear and easy to keep clean. 

Open Concept Home with Minimal Clutter

Open Concept Home with Minimal Clutter

Layered and Textured

Decluttering our lives does not necessarily mean simplifying our look. Layers have made a big comeback in recent years. Maybe it is the desire to an easy throw blanket nearby for our binge-watching. Throw blankets and pillows that combine textures are popular once again. Layered flooring utilizing area rugs, especially in high traffic areas, has also returned to most homes.

Bidet to You

Have you ever used a bidet? For most Americans, the bidet is a novelty. It has been moving into more and more bathrooms as people look for ways to reduce our dependence on toilet paper (and its ecological impact).

Have we sparked some ideas to help you plan your redesign or new home? Browse our gallery for more ideas to help you bring it together and contact us to set up an appointment.

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