Color Schemes & Combination Ideas for your Bedroom

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Aa the new year starts, redesigning the bedroom doesn’t have to be one of those resolutions you abandon. We’re here to remind you and give you 10 color schemes & combination ideas for your bedroom to help you get your planning started for the new year!

Couple Picking Out Color Palette

Couple Picking out Color Palette for Their Bedroom

Blue & White

Blue and white walls are a classic color combination. You have choices for blues in this color combination. Lighter, pastel blues with white create a soothing, complimentary blend. Medium and darker blues, on the other hand, add a sharp contrast that holds onto blue’s calmness to create a cozy, modern feeling. Match your walls with white décor for a beautiful and relaxing room.

Deep Brown & Cream

Contrasting brown and cream walls create an open space that draws you into a homey interior. This combination works well with natural wood and off-white linens to create a warm, rustic look. 

Lavender & Off-White

Serene and beautiful, lavender and white are a classic combination for any room. Liven up the combination with flower patterns on sheets and pillows as you filter the sun with sheer, off-white curtains framed by thick lavender drapes. 

Terracotta & White

Terracotta walls create a deep, warm base for your room. For rustic looks, bring in wicker, natural wood furnishings with white patterned linens, and live plants to bring together the earthy feel. For more sophisticated, modern looks, choose finished wood and smooth white linens. Succulents, palms, or bromeliad maintain the bring earthiness to the modern look. 

Royal Purple & White

The depth of royal purple walls adds elegance to the room while the white linens give it the contrast to help the color pop. Match with metal or dark finished wood furnishings to complete the rich, modern look. 

Cream & Browns

The cream color creates a beautiful base for the walls while brown linens and furnishing add warmth to bring the room together. Wood furnishings are ideal for this color combination.

Dark Grey 

Dark grey walls are deep, cool, and modern. Match them with whites, blues, or black, depending on the season and mood. Let your linens lighten the look and use dark finishes for furniture. 

Light Green

Light green walls work for a variety of matches. With an open, earthy start you can add dark green, white, or browns. Light green is another color that works as a base for seasonal decorating where you don’t have to repaint or rely on plain white walls. 


Gold walls are elegant and warm. You can open a smaller room with this color or enrich a larger space. Gold matches well with black or white. If you want a romantic and sensual combination, match your gold walls with maroon linens. 

Classic Blue & Yellow 

Serene meets happy and bright. Classic blue and yellow are the classic “wake-up” combination. This combination welcomes you every morning into a new day. 

Have we sparked some ideas to help you plan your new bedroom? Browse our gallery for more ideas to help you bring it together and contact us to set up an appointment. 

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