Our 5 Favorite Kitchen Trends for 2022

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Your kitchen is the most important part of your house. It is where you prepare meals. It’s also a gathering place for family and guests. You want your kitchen to be its best this year, so we’ve gathered five of our favorite kitchen trends for 2022. 

Kitchen Color Trends

Two trends have been dominating kitchen spaces in 2022 – earthiness and boldness. For the earthy kitchen, muted greens and earth tones have been favorites. These colors lend themselves well to rustic and rural kitchen designs – especially if you want to bring some rustic earthiness to an urban or suburban home. Meanwhile, bold choices, especially black and white combinations, continue to dominate the modern and urban kitchen landscapes. 

Muted Green Kitchen Design

Muted Green Kitchen Design

Countertop Trends

Marble and quartz are taking their place as the kings of countertops in 2022. It’s no surprise. Both materials are durable and beautiful. They are also flexible, as both marble and quartz work well with the kitchen color trends dominating kitchens right now. In addition to the countertops, kitchens are also seeing a renovation in the backsplash, as more and more are moving to a seamless design to match the countertops. 

Vintage and Repurposed Furniture

Storage space and countertop space are both important in a kitchen. However, a complete overhaul of a kitchen that lacks one or the other can be expensive. Some homeowners have taken to repurposing furniture and utilizing vintage furniture to increase storage and counter space. An antique table in an open-concept kitchen functions well as an island counter. Short stools will give you seating space with height to work as well. Meanwhile, some homeowners are refinishing old shelves and decorative tables to use as additional storage and counter space. 

Sink Space

Over the past couple of years, people have been revisiting their kitchens and looking for more convenient ways to use the space. One solution that has come to kitchens in 2022 is the workstation sink. This design turns a traditional sink into a full workstation that includes a cutting board and colander. It makes for a wonderful space saver and is easier to keep your kitchen clean. 

Seamless Appliances

Kitchen appliances are an integral part of your kitchen. As people look to upgrade their kitchens in 2022, they’re looking at ways to truly bring their appliances into their kitchen. For bold kitchen designs, which include dark appliances to add depth of color. For other kitchens, which means custom paneling, so their appliances match their cabinetry – this is especially popular with earthy color choices where rustic and rural looks are the goal. 

Have we sparked some ideas to help you plan your kitchen makeover? Browse our gallery for more ideas to help you bring it together and contact us to set up an appointment. 

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