5 Tips to Maximize the Curb Appeal of Your Home

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Whether you’re selling your home, want to dazzle your neighbors, or just want to feel an extra sense of calm and welcome when you come home, we can all improve the curb appeal of our home. How your house looks from the outside sets the first impression, telling guests and passersby who you are and what to expect if they come into your home. Let’s look at five ways you can maximize your curb appeal and wow everyone. 

Go Green

When was the last time you upgraded your lawn? Fresh flowers and shrubs are a wonderful and impactful way to boost your home’s curb appeal. You can accentuate windows with low bushes and outline your walkway with seasonal flowers. If you don’t have time for gardening, standing planters make an attractive welcome along your walkway while hanging planters add life to your porch. 

While you work on adding greenery, don’t forget regular lawn maintenance. Nothing diminishes curb appeal like wildly growing grass. 

Maximizing Your Curb Appeal with Greenery

Maximizing Your Curb Appeal with Greenery

Bring Them in with an Upgraded Door

Let your front door be more than just an entry to your home. Let it stand out and draw attention to your home. A fresh coat of paint in a bold color that accentuates and compliments your house is a fast and inexpensive way to boost your curb appeal. Don’t be afraid to go bright, especially if you’re adding flowers to your walkway or garden. Be sure to compare color swatches with any other color elements you have in your yard (like flowers) to really bring the colors together. 

Light Their Way

Bring life and light to the outside of your home. If you have a porch light, consider updating it with a new fixture. You can also enhance light by adding outdoor string lights to your porch above or along the railing. If you have a walkway, add solar-powered lanterns along the walkway. 

Wash Your Windows

Clean, streak-free windows brighten up any home. Take a little extra time when you clean to wash your windows and make sure that they’re free of any windowsill clutter. That little extra work and elbow grease will go a long way to beautifying your home and increasing its curb appeal.

If you are blessed with a large picture window, consider staging your window to make it welcoming to guests (or potential homebuyers). Depending on the room layout, staging it with a private sitting area or an indoor garden of potted plants are both winning ideas. You can check out our gallery for other ideas to stage your picture window. If your picture window is along your porch, you can highlight it with string lights, adding additional light for your porch and accentuating the window. 

Give Your Home a Good Power Wash

Dirt builds up over time on your home and along your driveway and walkway. Invest in a power wash to remove grime and liven up your home. You can even purchase your own power wash kit to do the job yourself – it’s uniquely satisfying and relaxing. Be sure to wash all concrete and stone surfaces as well as your siding, porch, awning, and shutters. 

Maximize the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Beautiful Curb Appeal

Home Improvement with Style

Whether you’re selling your house or upgrading your rooms, our experts can help you design the perfect home. Browse our gallery for ideas and contact us to set up an appointment.

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