Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for This Holiday Season

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The holiday season arrives in the blink of an eye. It’s supposed to be warm, welcoming, and fun. However, preparing for company can become a hassle. It takes time and energy to get everything right. And what happens if your home is on the market all the while? You want Thanksgiving table decor ideas that work for both showing and your celebratory meal.

That’s where Romi Designs of Philadelphia can help immensely. You don’t have to sacrifice your family’s comfort when selling a home. However, houses with unique, modern staging sell, on average, for 6% higher than the asking price and come off the market over 70% faster! Better still, we have ideas for your home that will work for Thanksgiving, as well as any other time of year. 

So what kind of lovely touches can we bring into your home? It’s not as complex as it may seem. Even small themes carried throughout a space make a huge impact. You can do a lot of the little things yourself and leave the biggies to us!

  • Color classics: Adorn the space with burnt orange, rusty reds, browns, gold, and green. How? Lots of ways. A small vase, candles, gourds, and waxed leaves are all examples.
  • Napkins: Party stores have a plethora of choices. Get plenty. Thanksgiving fare can get messy!
  • Centerpieces: You can repurpose a dry flower wreath by putting it on the table with a tall candle and, voila, an instant tablescape. Alternatively, how about a collection of dry flowers in a vase (no worries about wilting)? Good choices include Globe Amaranth, Drumstick Allium, False Saffron, Cornflower, Thistle, Pussywillow, and Lollipop flowers.
  • Cornucopia: Stuffed with polished apples, grapes, red and green pears, figs, and mini mandarin oranges.
  • Runners and Doilies: Placed in the middle of the table, on a sideboard, across the coffee table, on top of a TV tray, inside an open bookshelf, etc.
  • Bring the Bling: Cut crystal glasses, orange and white fairy lights, sparkly door decorations (welcome visitors right!), glitter sugar on the dessert, metallic confetti table scatter, tiny iron lanterns, and bronze napkin rings are all excellent examples. 
  • Favors: Favors aren’t just reserved for big shindigs. You can have some for your table so your family and guests alike have something to take home with their memories. Items we’ve seen lately include a sunflower in a rustic box, miniature succulents, and baby’s breath wrapped in a brown paper cone tied with twine. For a symbolic selection, give each person a bundle of seeds, representing plenty, for sewing next spring. 

This is just a brief list of Thanksgiving table decor ideas for this holiday season. Let your imagination run wild. When all is said and done, you’ll have a visually pleasing space that perfectly expresses your personality and lifestyle. 

Preparing for the New Home?

What if you have plans to redo your new home’s interior while your current residence sells? Our Interior Design efforts endeavor to reflect your vision and voice. We want to make your dream home a reality. That way, once the holidays are over, everything is move-in ready. 

If you have questions about our professional services, call (267) 346-2547, email (267) 346-2547, or fill out an inquiry form on our webpage. Our experts are happy to offer assistance and superior customer service to you at any time. 

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