How to Live Through Your Renovation

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Going through a big-time renovation is worth it in the end… but during the process, your life flips upside-down. You quickly realize just how much you depend on your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or all three!

However, you might want to avoid moving out during your renovation to save money. After all, you’ve already invested plenty of dollars into revamping your interior.

To help you out, here are some tips on living through your renovation.

1. Create a Specific Calendar

Whether you’re working with contractors or DIYing it, you want to have a clear start and end date, and everything in between. This is important for cost and time concerns, but it also helps you plan your living situation during the renovation.

Make sure to hammer out exactly what will happen every day so things wrap up on time and you can get back to normal with your newly renovated home.

2. Keep One Area Clean and Tidy

When walls are ripped out and rooms are upended, it’s easy for the remodeling mess to spill over into every room.

However, all the clutter and mess can give you needless stress and anxiety. With that in mind, seal off the renovated room(s) appropriately. Then, you should make an effort to keep one room clean and tidy. Spend as much time there as possible to have some semblance of normalcy until the project’s done.

3. Designate Each Temporary Area

Within your temporary area, designate spots for eating, working, and relaxing/play. Ideally, you want life to carry on as normal for the time being, so you should move everything to these areas if possible. 

This is especially important if you have kids or pets, or if you have elderly individuals in your home. You want everyone to feel at home in this temporary area and to not get restless and try to explore areas under construction. 

4. Get Out of the House

Just because you’re avoiding hotels doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in your temporary living area.

Use this time to explore your local area. Try new restaurants, go to the park, or even visit friends. Go to events and socialize. It’ll keep your mind off the mess at home and help you pass the time in a fun way.

5. Stay Focused on the End Result… But Distract Yourself

You can get pretty stressed in the middle of the renovation. You are, after all, upending a large part of your home and potentially sleeping on the floor.

It’s totally ok to distract yourself from what’s going on and find fun things you otherwise wouldn’t normally do. If you still find yourself worrying about the work being done, keep visualizing that end result. It’ll all be worth it.

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